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Since 2000, ClearCorners has strived to offer exotic automotive lighting solutions to sports car enthusiasts. We take pride in operating a low-volume, high-quality retail business that caters to tuners from all over the world. We believe in specializing on a select amount of cars which gives us the ability to carefully research and develop products for each and every vehicle platform.

One of the things that separates our company from the rest is that we try to offer complete lighting packages that integrate seamlessly with your vehicle and look period correct. Our mission is to build lights that look like a factory option, not some lame aftermarket after-thought.

Our products are custom built, hand-fabricated, and based on upgrading factory original [OEM] light assemblies ONLY. We cannot stress this enough in telling our customers that we will not work with aftermarket lighting products. Sticking with OEM products is much more expensive, but it is the only way we are able to guarantee a quality end-product.

One of the most important features of our products is that they are 100% bolt-on, plug-and-play. Unless otherwise stated, the majority of our products are designed for easy installation & removal, just like stock. This means that in the event that your car needs service or repair, any qualified individual, dealer or repair facility will have an easy time working on your vehicle as they simply need to follow factory procedures. No cutting and splicing wires - none of that nonsense.

All of our products are designed to be fully serviceable through our facility. It is not uncommon for customers to send in their gear for service, overhaul, repair and/or upgrade - even after 10+ years of use and abuse. Quite often we are able to rebuild & upgrade our legacy products to modern day standards. This is a great value in today's world of cheap, disposable products.

It is important to remember that automotive lights are indeed safety devices. The reliability of our products & your wellfare are of paramount importance to us. We are committed to building products that will work in adverse conditions and provide you with years and years of trouble-free, dependable operation. >>> FUN FACT <<<

If you are looking to purchase something quickly and cheaply, you have found the wrong site. Our top priority is to offer rare, distinct, high quality products. Unlike many products being sold in the aftermarket, our goal is to not only meet but also exceed the performance of the OEM unit.

Most, if not all of the products listed on our site take time to procure and fabricate. We commonly work on highly customized vehicles where downtime isn't much of a factor. If downtime is of concern, please bring this to our attention prior to the start of your project and we will do our best to accommodate.