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03-06 INFINITI V35 G35 Sedan (Skyline) — Dual LED Door / Map Light
NOTE: This product requires a core ( Core Exchanges & Core Conversions )
LED Door / Map Light            

We now offer a dual LED upgrade for the factory Door / Map light assembly. The door lights illuminate one color when the door is opened. The map lights illuminate in white when activated, left or right, and illuminate simultaneously when in the ON position.


- Twin 9-LED Door Light array, available in blue, red or amber. 18 combined total LEDs.
- Twin 12-LED Map Light array, cool or warm white. 24 combined total LEDs.
- No messy external wiring, exposed drivers or components.
- 100% bolt-on, plug-and-play with the vehicle's factory electrical system.
- Light(s) come with 1-year defect-free warranty.

Additional Images:
Map Light
- 24 White LEDs
Door Light
- 18 Amber LEDs
Door Light
- 18 Blue LEDs