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Factory Xenon (HID) Arc-Capsule:

The best quality xenon bulbs are typically manufactured by Osram in Germany. Xenon bulbs require a ballast in order to ignite and sustain light operation. A 35-watt xenon bulb will emit over 3000 lumens. Xenon bulbs can consume over 120-watts during the first 10 seconds of startup and require a heavy-gauge relay/wiring harness.

Aftermarket Xenon Rebased Retrofit Kits:

These inferior retrofit kits are typically manufactured overseas. Xenon arc-capsules are rebased into typical halogen bases (ie: H1, H3, H4, 9005, 9006). These unscrupulous manufacturers do not take into account that xenon bulbs create light differently than halogen bulbs. These kits are non-compliant, illegal and should not be sold or used.

H4 Casper Shield:

The item on the left is commonly known as a "casper shield." Why it was given this name, we do not know. Items like this are a "patch-fix" solution for consumers who have wasted money on an H4 retrofit kit. While this may help reduce glare (and obviously reduces total light output), it does not address the fact that xenon lamps produce light differently than a halogen bulb. You are better off buying some quality high-output halogen bulbs than wasting money and dealing with this junk.