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Page Two: The Blue

We've already seen the performers. The cream of the crop. Now, lets take a look at some of the bad bulbs of the industry.

OE H4: Low Beam OE H4: High Beam

Note, the above images of the OE bulb setup are shown at the top of each page for your reference.

Purple-coated H4: Low Beam Purple-coated H4: High Beam

The above bulb is made by a company who's initials consist of 4 letters of the alphabet. If you're good at Wheel of Fortune, you should have no problem guessing who manufacturers this barely DOT-compliant turd. These bulbs are heavily marketed and sold for nearly 15x the cost of an OE bulb! Cutoff is distored. Light output and lifespan are diminished. Current draw is increased.

Blue-coated H4: Low Beam Blue-coated H4: High Beam

The above bulb is manufactured by the same company as above, who shall remain nameless. This particular blue-coated bulb is not DOT-compliant and is absolute garbage. Lighting pattern is dramatically altered. The right-hand flare is gone and now a left hand flare exists! Current draw has been increased by nearly 2 amps. This not only poses a danger to your wiring harness, but can also cause damage to certain plastic headlamp assemblies. Regardless of what the wattage stamping on the metal base reads, the reality is that the manufacturer has bumped up the power consumption in attempt to emit more light. If you cant trust the manufacturer with a simple wattage rating, you definately can't trust them to manufacturer a quality product. FAIL.

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