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Picky about the quality of parts you put on your car? We are too. We've dedicated this page to the OCD-type who needs to know exactly what he or she is getting into before making that purchase. This page will show the differences between the used lights which we refurbish and recondition to "B-condition" vs the brand new "A-condition" lights.

New vs Used: The Difference Between A-condition and B-condition

New Headlight New: A-Condition. Never been used. Never been installed.

Factory original (OEM) parts that are purchased new from the dealership. While we take great care with each and every conversion, we take extra care with new conversions to ensure that there are no mishaps during the modification process.
Used Headlight Used/Reconditioned: B-Condition. Parts are in good working order with minor defects.

Lenses may have some light blemishes in the clearcoat. Lenses may have some pitting from normal road use. Lenses may have some light scratches that are only visible under very close observation. All mounting tabs are in-tact unless we advise the customer otherwise.