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It's unfortunate that this page needs to exist. You would think that common sense would prevail, but every once and a while we get a customer who does the unthinkable: he tosses his lights into a box. No bubble wrap, no void filling. A few days later we receive a parcel delivery filled with pieces of what was once an automotive light.

Shipping 101: How to Ship Your Core, the RIGHT Way

Step 1: Bubble wrap

Layer your cores like a burrito and wrap'em up like a mummy. We recommend a minimum of 3-4 layers. If your cores have pointed edges or tabs that look fragile, be extra safe and further protect the achilles' heel.
Step 2: Corrugated Box

Not too big, not too small. If shipping multiple cores such as a pair of headlights, ship them in individual boxes as opposed to one large box. Segregating the lights will eliminate the chance of one light colliding with the other during shipment. Shipping companies charge more for a larger box. Less void filling is also required.
Step 3: Void Filling

We do not like foam packing peanuts but unfortunately, everyone uses them. We recommend crushed paper, shredded paper, air bubble packets. If you're going to use packing peanuts, we recommend the biodegradable type.
Step 4: Tape

Seal your parcel with several rows of tape so that the box does not accidentally open. Use high quality carton sealing box tape that will not delaminate.
Step 5A: Domestic Shipments

Choose a reputable shipping company that will forward the freight to us (FedEx or UPS). As a convenience to our customers and for an additional cost, we can send you pre-paid FedEx shipping label. Simply apply the label to your parcel and drop off at any local FedEx dropoff.

Step 5B: International Shipments

For international customers, we advise shipping via Express Mail Service (EMS) through your local post office. EMS has proven to be quick, secure and is reasonably priced.

The WRONG Way:

The RIGHT Way: